Living Around the Arts and Entertainment of Dallas, Texas in Deep Ellum

With all the family type neighborhoods in Dallas, Texas, there is no justice in overlooking the wonderful artsy areas that are within the large city. The arts and entertainment district of Dallas is one of the most eclectic, giving birth to many southern jazz and blues sensations, as well as many local entertainers and bands of Dallas. Deep Ellum is known for its influence in the lifestyles of the artists of Dallas, bringing these groups the affordable lifestyle that is desired within Texas.

The neighborhood was originally founded in 1873 as the warehouse district, with the first factory belonging to Robert S. Munger. As time went on, there was further development including a Ford assembly plant manufactured during 1913 by Henry Ford. By the 60's and 70's, the area was mostly for industrial and warehousing, quickly taking a turn towards the more eclectic nature of Dallas.

The attention of Deep Ellum was enhanced as artists within the city begin to find the area a prime real estate section for acquiring New York style loft homes for a low price. The 1980's brought forth further development in the area, including upgrades to make way for a more populated area and more desirable within the city. By the end of the 80's, there were several night clubs in the area, with many residents finding the loft style homes to be quite attractive and new-age.

Today, Deep Ellum is part residential, part entertainment, offering a great refuge for artists and those seeking the more studio style modern living quarters of professionals and couples. The area still attracts a very eclectic crowd, with a population of 825 residents over a little more than half a square mile. The area now features different types of homes as well, including detached homes which can be found for a median cost of around $36,000, lofts and multi-family structures costing an average around $400,000, and condos reaching around $150,000.

The area is now home to many people who enjoy the busy lifestyle of Dallas, enjoying the artistic edge of the area. The neighborhood is also home to some of the most unique and original shopping destinations within the large city, claiming many tourists year round. There have been many famous artists traveling through and residing within Deep Ellum, with a reputation for housing some of the greats of history's music fame, bringing forth some of the greats of the current industry as well.

Although not a historic residential spot, the area has formed from historical relevance in warehousing and industrial markets to a place that many people reside in, finding great comfort in the busy area. The area is known for its arts and many eclectic members, which all contribute to the culture and characteristics of the neighborhood which seem to outshine many other Dallas neighborhoods. There are so many reasons to live in Dallas, with the arts and entertainment district being a prime location for those that are looking for some artistic inspiration where they lay their head each night.