Sevilla Art and Culture

Sevilla is also referred to as Seville and it is a modern and industrial city in Spain with the old Spanish charm that most tourists are attracted to. The very friendly climate makes it a favorite tourist destination aside from the rich culture and history reflecting the festive and romantic ambiance particular for Spanish tourist destinations.

The Mediterranean coast contributes to the pleasing climate that does not make tourists choose the best season to visit. Regardless of the season, Sevilla has something to offer that will make locals and tourists enjoy.

Things to Do

Witness Ongoing Festivals

The festive spirit is alive with the many events that highlight religious occasions. These festivals are enjoyed with traditional music, dance with a show of beautiful Spanish clothes. The popular festival that people look forward to is the Festival of the Nations.

Strolling and Walk in Parks

Feel the beauty of gardens and parks as you stroll along the Parque Maria Luisa and the Gardens of Alcazar. You will see that the park is maintained with magnificent landscape and the garden is located near a palace. These parks and gardens are well-maintained for tourists' appreciation.


Fill your shopping bags with affordable souvenir items that you can buy along the streets of Tetuan and Sierpes. You can buy shirts, crafts, artwork, antique items, dresses, embroidered clothes, trinkets and other souvenir items that you can bring home for your friends or family. Plates and ceramic work are also some of the things that you will normally see along the streets of Alfarera.

Appreciate Art and Culture

A visit to Sevilla will not be complete without stepping into the city's Fine Arts Museum with a great collection of paintings. You will also see exhibits in the Cathedral Museum with outstanding metalwork, religious items, jewels and antique items.


For the partygoer, Sevilla is a place for fun. There are nighttime activities that will make you enjoy. Dance and dine and drink as you enjoy the reception and entertainment in bars and restaurants. For better scenery, there are restaurants along the riverbank which will make you feel the breeze as you enjoy the food and music. Enjoy authentic Spanish and international cuisine in the many restaurant choices. You have to try the unique cuisine of Seville as this is one of the things that tourists do not forget when they leave the city. You will surely be delighted with the many dish choices and the unique Sevillan food taste that you will love.