Craft Ideas For Kids That Are Both Cheap and Entertaining

Does your child have a very short attention span? Are they predisposed to getting bored very quickly? Well, no need to worry because you are not alone. Because there is so much going on around them, children have the tendency to focus on one thing for a short period of time before moving on to something else of greater interest. The Key to holding their attention is two-fold. The first element you need is to have an activity or object that they find interesting. The second thing you need to keep your child's attention is to have them sit down and focus on the task or activity presented to them. Now how can you go about this without spending lots of money on expensive toys and games? Well we've compiled a list of do-it-yourself craft projects that can be created with simple, everyday household items. With these fun new craft projects, you won't need to worry about how to entertain your child without spending a lot of money.

Paper Mache - All you require for this craft project is some old newspaper cut into strips, water and flour for paste, and some cardboard or balloons to create a base shape to cover with the homemade glue. Once the paste has dried, the object you've created can be decorated!

Paper Dolls - You can easily locate a template online and simply print the pages out. Your child can cut, colour and decorate to their hearts content. All you'll need is a pair of scissors and some crayons or felt pens.

Dioramas - This timeless craft project is great for any type of child. Depending on their interests, the diorama can be made to showcase pretty much anything you child wants. From a miniature hockey rink to a dollhouse, the possibilities are endless. An open box, and a random assortment of buttons, figurines, cardboard, scissors, tape, felt-pens and other trinkets should be enough to build just about anything your child wants.

Rock Painting - Simply locate a few smooth, palm-size rocks from your backyard or local park. Be sure to scrub any dirt off of them so that decorating will be easier. Following this, all you'll require is some paint or nail polish and whatever items you desire for added effects. Pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and paper strips work quite well, just be sure to let the paint dry before attaching add-ons.

Cave Painting - Much like colouring pages but with an added effect, cave painting is meant to look as though your child's artwork is really old and unique. To do this craft, you'll need to crumple up a paper bag then spread it flat again. Then simply colour or paint an image on the bags surface with charcoal or other earthy tones such as red and orange. The finished product will look like the work of a caveman or cave-woman!

Homemade Chia-Pets - This craft project is a great one that lasts a long time! First, you'll need to hard-boil a couple of eggs. Once the eggs have cooled, you need to carefully cut the top of the egg off and empty the contents. If you're really thinking, you can incorporate an easy lunch into this craft! Then, let your child decorate the egg shell with a face. When they're done, place a cotton ball or two inside the shell, sprinkle some alfalfa seeds inside and pour some water on top. Place the egg in a holder on a windowsill and watch over the next few days as your child's egg sprouts some crazy green hair! Not only will your child love decorating the egg but wait till you see the joy on their faces as it grows and changes over the next few days!

With craft ideas like these, you'll have no need to spend your hard earned money on unnecessary toys and crafts at hobby stores. With a bit of creativity and some household items, you and your child can spend hours having fun and being entertained for on a very small budget!