The Arts Scene at Esplandade Singapore

Shakespeare and all the greats have been reborn in the remarkable silhouette that is the Esplanade Singapore. Built for the specific purpose for art and culture, the Esplanade is a hub for everything and everything to do with plays, performances and the artistic pulse. The calendar in the esplanade is choked full of local and international performances all year round, so your literary tastes will be fulfilled.

No square inch of the esplanade is wasted. First we move into the concert halls, which has been home and will be home to many magnificent performances. Seating close to 2, 000 people at any one time and designed with the best acoustics - the concert hall has seen many diverse range of music performances from budding local performers to international concerto's and full orchestra performances.

There is also a theatre and a theatre studio within the premises, also with a seating capacity of about 2, 000 people. Boasting the largest and most expansive performing stage in Singapore, the theatre is also a chameleon - able to adapt to any performance of any size, shape, form and orientation. With excellent lighting, state of the art staging equipment and acoustics that ensure you hear every shudder and whisper of the performer, the Esplanade theatre is a locale for live entertainment like you have never seen. A recital studio is also available within its durian like enclosure, for those intimate performances by speakers, poets and even cosy jazz recitals for crowds below 200.

The fun doesn't stop there. With more than 20 other locations indoors and outdoors against fantastic views of the bay, the Esplanade is just a promise of fun and entertainment for anyone - however innovative, creative or experimental.

A quick visit to the webpage and clicking the 'Whats on' icon will show you a whole list of current attractions, events, performances as well as upcoming slots in the future. Anything from visual arts, theatre, concerts as well as multi arts performances will be displayed with a short blurb describing the event and what you can expect from it. The website is highly detailed and they can narrow down your search by time, place, and type of event/performance - you don't have to run through the entire detailed list to find the sort of thing you would like to do. If you are in the mood for a Shakespearean sonnet or even a modern take on Jeffrey Chaucer, then all you have to do is key in the appropriate words and voila!, you will be taken to a page with your desires displayed in colourful icons.

Signing up for their weekly electronic newsletter is also highly recommended, as you get to be in the know of the latest happenings in esplanade and event highlights. You also get preferential treatment in some cases and access to special events and performances. The esplanade is the vindication of Singapore and the Arts Council efforts to raise the arts scene to another level and 20 years later after its initial planning is an epicentre of performance, a place where art thrives and flourish - all for the benefit for anyone who chooses to pass through its unique walls and grand performances.