Game Art and Design Schools

Game Art and Design Schools teach students how to create video games in a fast-paced, challenging environment. At Game Art and Design School, future designers and programmers learn to evaluate gaming products and how to program and plan character options and game environments.

The Game Art and Design curriculum helps to develop the students' artistic abilities and technical skills. Areas of study include applied knowledge of video and computer gaming, basic art and design, character and environment creation, game play, and background design. Game Art and Design Schools offer college degrees including a Bachelor of Arts or Associate of Arts degree with a major in game design, and a Bachelor of Science or Associate of Science degree with a major in game programming.

Game Art and Design careers include programmers, interactivity designers, 3D object modelers, 3D character builders, 2D conceptual artists, and game-play testers, to name a few. Graduates of Game Art and Design School can find jobs in many fields of entertainment, such as film, television, video and video gaming, as well as military, architectural, and educational.

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