Arts and Design Schools Develop Professional Abilities

Arts and Design Schools, colleges, and universities have post-secondary, undergraduate, and graduate programs that broaden and develop professional abilities and perspectives in their students. Arts and Design Schools offer certificates and degrees in the many subjects included in the discipline of art. Students can study for associate, bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees in drawing and painting, print making, sculpture, graphic design, fabric design, architecture, interior design, illustration, animation, film, furniture, fashion, and others.

Arts and Design students will study basic liberal arts and sciences in addition to basic design principles through readings, discussions, lectures, and practice through creative inspiration, guided activities, and constructive criticism from instructors and classmates. A modern-day education in Arts and Design focuses primarily on computer aided drawing (CAD); however students will also be introduced to physical design media and textiles, such as: paint, wood, metal, fiber, clay, glass, and plastics.

Arts and Design Schools teach to develop skills in students that prepare for professions in all areas of studio arts, graphic design, education, performing arts, advertising, film production, architecture, digital imaging, fine art media, and others.

Arts and Design Schools can include in their curriculums courses that prepare for out of the ordinary arts and design, including such items as cars, appliances, entertainment modules, and interactive game products. Success in all arts requires intellectual understanding, creativity, and development as a professional provided through Arts and Design Schools.

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